Month: February 2015

Do More With???

A Critical Doer Generates Motion From “Why” More Than “What”  In the life of every organization, the environment changes over time.  Changes in conditions that determine the rate at which production hums along leads to the question…how much can we do? When faced with this situation, there are four general ways you can approach the […]

Justin’s Story

The Critical Doer Attacks Problems And Creates Opportunities From The Inside Out  I’ve shared with you before that I enjoy archery.  Any day on the archery range is a good day…today was exceptional. I went to one of my favorite archery spots today…The Sportsman’s Outpost in Waverly, Alabama…to get in a few shots.  When I […]

Critical Doer Deep Dive: Training And Discipline–The Twin Towers Of Building A Winning Culture

Cul-ture (kŭl′chər)  The set of predominating attitudes and behavior that characterize a group or organization Many organizations begin with a great idea for a product or service…many of those products and services are brought to life…yet the organization still fails.  The primary reason is the organization attempts to operate without the equivalent of a birth certificate to establish a clear sense of identity.  The birth certificate […]