Month: December 2015

Charge It

A Critical Doer Understands Following   “Charge It” …you may be thinking from the title that this post will address fiscal responsibility on Christmas shopping.  Although it’s a message that never goes out of season, I want to discuss something quite different with you. In my previous post and many others on this blog, we’ve […]

The Lay Away Story

A Critical Doer has a servant spirit  I heard a heartwarming story on the radio this week that really touched on the essence of being a Critical Doer.  At Walmarts across the nation, lay away bills have been paid in full by anonymous givers.  I’m talking the entire layaway department of a Walmart store folks, […]

Tips On Brainstorming

A Critical Doer attacks problems and creates opportunities from the inside out  I’ve been working a couple of projects on reengineering an organization.  The intent of both projects is to better posture an organization for success as the demand signal for its products and the operating environment are rapidly evolving. Like many creative efforts, assembling […]