Month: March 2015

DEAD or ALIVE (Part 1)

A Critical Doer generates motion from “why” more than “what”  Nothing reflects your understanding of “why” more than the way you communicate.  The way you communicate not only reflects your position on a subject, it also reflects a certain level of maturity when it comes to situational awareness of timing, environment, and the person talking […]

Is Advantage A Disadvantage?

A Critical Doer understands time; long and short view A Critical Doer controls what is theirs to control  Here’s a question for you to ponder.  Is advantage an…advantage…or disadvantage? Let’s begin with how the average person would define advantage when it comes to the game of life.  A typical definition would include education from a […]

The Wall Of Distraction–Welcome To March Madness!!!

A Critical Doer generates motion from “why” more than “what”  Besides warmer temperatures and pollen, March brings madness…”March Madness” with conference basketball tournaments and the NCAA basketball tournament.  This sports spectacle has brought us many memorable moments…and I recently came across something that will be truly memorable for any team facing the Arizona State University […]