Month: April 2015

Form Follows Function: What A Critical Doer Can Learn From Louis Sullivan And Frank Lloyd Wright

A Critical Doer attacks problems and creates opportunities from the inside out  A Critical Doer generates motion from “why” more than “what”  “Form follows function.” Architect Louis Sullivan made this dictum the driving tenet of modern architecture.  The great architect Frank Lloyd Wright took it a step further when he said that form and function […]

Active Listening (Part 3): Listening for “Why”

A Critical Doer generates motion from “why” more than “what”     em·pa·thy (ĕm′pə-thē) n. The ability to identify with or understand another’s situation or feelings:   Do you know the difference between a good listener and a good active listener?  A good listener will listen to what you are saying.  A good active listener will also listen for why you are saying what […]