Month: August 2015

How Hope Is Built

 How Far Can You See?    “Hope is not a course of action”…true statement.  I have a lot of personal experience working with professionals who will remind you of that truth if your solution to a problem involves hoping something will happen.  The implication is that you are not using everything at your disposal to […]

Earning Versus Entitlement: A Critical Doer Tip Of The Hat To James Harrison

A Critical Doer generates motion from “why” more than “what” James Harrison, all-pro defensive lineman with the Pittsburgh Steelers, made waves this week when he took to social media and stated that he made his sons return the participation trophies they received for playing youth football.  His reasoning was that his sons shouldn’t get something […]

Story Of The Saltshaker

A Critical Doer understands time; long and short view  There must be something mystical about a saltshaker.  Jimmy Buffet had one in “Margaritaville”, lost it, and apparently spent a lot of energy looking for it.  It also contains wisdom for a Critical Doer in how to think through a problem before making a decision. When […]

What’s On The Table?

  A Critical Doer keeps risk and failure in context with opportunity and success    When you saw the title of this post, you probably thought it would have something to do with food.  Sorry to disappoint you, especially if you’re reading this before breakfast, but at least consider this food for thought. Decisions that […]

You Better Think!

 A Critical Doer attacks problems and creates opportunities from the inside out    You better think!  I could listen to the great Aretha Franklin sing that iconic tune from “The Blues Brothers” a thousand times and it would never get old.  Besides being a great tune, it’s sage advice…and I’m about to prove it. Here’s […]