Month: July 2015

Both Sides Of The Coin

 A Critical Doer capitalizes on opportunities to be better   Coins have two sides.  Those two sides are diametrically opposed in a binary manner, meaning we can have heads or tails but not both.  Sometimes we lose sight that heads and tails exist on the same coin.  But isn’t it curious that we use a […]

What A Critical Doer Can Learn From Amazon’s “Prime Day”

 A Critical Doer keeps risk and failure in context with opportunity and success    Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  No doubt, this thought appears to have guided Amazon’s thinking since the company’s inception.  Yesterday, Amazon added another chapter to its long list of innovations…a summer shopping event intended to rival The Thanksgiving Black Friday sales called […]

I’m A Member

 A Critical Doer is willing to lead   In a previous Critical Doer post, I wrote about the importance of establishing a strong organizational culture.  Blogger Victoria Young recently weighed in with a post in that echoed my sentiments. In the blog, Young cites research that showed 95 percent of Americans prized culture over […]

Walk Home Or Fly

 A Critical Doer generates motion from “why” more than “what”  Author and Blogger Steve Keating recently published a very humorous post that highlights the importance of communicating purpose when you are trying to overcome organizational inertia and gain forward momentum. The story highlights an ostrich that saw some eagles flying and was inspired to learn […]