New Feature Coming Soon: Critical Doer Deep Dive

Critical Doers,

I’m going to launch a new feature on Monday, Jan 5 2015.  The feature is called “Critical Doer Deep Dive.”

The Critical Doer Deep Dive will be a monthly feature article where I take a topic and examine it in greater depth than a typical 400-500 word blog post.  The articles will focus on principles and application of critical doing.  If you’re serious about making the leap from critical thinker to critical doer, this is definitely for you.

The first deep dive is entitled “Where Does Innovation Come From?”  You’ll find important information about identifying the innovators in your organization and building the on-ramps that move ideas into action.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support in a successful launch of, and I appreciate your sharing the blog with friends, family, and coworkers.  Please subscribe for email updates and keep up with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+…but most of all keep turning critical thinking into action.  It’s what a critical doer would…do!


The Critical Doer

Updated: January 3, 2015 — 5:31 pm