Survey: What Do You Believe About Loyalty?

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Critical Doers, I’d like to request your help.  A friend and mentor of mine is conducting research to write a book on the subject of loyalty.  He put together a short survey to gather data on perceptions about loyalty and you’ll find a link for the survey at the bottom of this post.  My request is simple…take the survey (I did it in roughly 5 minutes) and forward the survey to your contacts as well.  The data will be immensely helpful in constructing a meaningful book on a very important subject.

Critical Doers are keenly aware of how loyalty increases your capacity for accomplishment.  Individuals and organizations that are loyal to each other benefit by:

  1. Establishing trust that produces greater velocity in decision making and action; ultimately gives a competitive advantage
  2. Enabling continuity that facilitates strategic action for a competitive advantage over larger spans of time
  3. Insulating against tough times as there is something worth fighting for beyond individual survival

Thanks for your help with the survey and talk about these 3 points on loyalty with your coworkers, friends, and family.  It’s what a critical doer would…


Click Here To Take The Loyalty Survey


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Updated: February 7, 2015 — 2:37 am