Podcast Guest On “Dale Callahan: Company of One”

Last summer, I had the honor of being a guest presenter during an event sponsored by the Information and Engineering Management clients who are working on their masters degrees at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

During the event, I met the group’s mentor…Dr. Dale Callahan.  Dale is a Critical Doer if ever I met one.  He is introducing groundbreaking innovation into education with a unique blend of theory and practical experiences that give his clients (I just love that term rather than students) confidence to achieve fulfillment after they complete his program.  In other words, he mentors them to think and do!

Dale also encouraged me to begin blogging and share what I’ve learned over the years about leadership and strategic vision.  He was also gracious enough to allow me to write a guest blogger spot for his web site and then went a step further with an interview over Skype that he turned into a podcast.

I highly encourage anyone looking for top quality mentoring on starting a new career or business to invest some time in Dale’s blogs and podcast.  It’s an incredible perspective that will shed light on the path to a new future for yourself, your family, and your company.

Enjoy the podcast and invest in yourself with a good look through Dale’s web site.  It’s what a Critical Doer would…do!

Click here for Dr. Dale Callahan’s Blog

Click here for Critical Doer Podcast With Dale Callahan



Updated: March 24, 2015 — 1:26 pm