The Story Of Susie’s Spring Break Art Work

A Critical Doer is committed to thinking and doing

 Last week was an awesome week.  Our daughter Susie came home for spring break and it was awesome to have her feet under our table for a few days.

Never one to have idle hands, Susie went to a local craft store to get some supplies.  She had a couple of projects in mind to take back to her dorm room…this is one of them.


Stop thinking just live


Take a good look at the caption…”stop thinking, just live.”  It may seem a little odd to use this phrase in a post highlighting the Critical Doer trait of commitment to thinking and acting.  What she’s getting at in the caption is not to stop thinking totally…her point is think enough to act and then don’t spend all your time second guessing yourself to the point of paralysis…just live.  For those of you who read a previous post about Susie and her story of being a college swimmer, you’ll understand she’s qualified to pass along this pearl of wisdom.

In the practical world, one of the greatest obstacles we face in turning thought into action is…ourselves.  Whether it’s at work or at home, we sometimes “what if” a problem until we’re snapped out of our trance from the whisk of an opportunity passing us by.  That’s Susie’s message to us in her spring break art project…don’t over-think life so much that you never actually live.

Your challenge as a Critical Doer is to reflect upon a situation at home or work where excessive “what if-ing” has an organization or family locked down in paralysis to the point that high quality opportunities are passing you by.  That’s where a Critical Doer can step in and lift the blinders to see where enough thinking has occurred to move forward.

There is no guarantee of success, but there is a guarantee of failure and a life unfulfilled if you don’t stop thinking long enough to live.  Let your confidence flow to others and make the jump from critical thinking to critical doing.  It’s what a real Critical Doer would…do!


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Updated: March 16, 2015 — 9:17 am