Critical Doer Book Review: The Go-Giver

A Critical Doer has a servant spirit 

By what a man gets, he makes a living.  By what a man gives, he makes a life.

Sir Winston Churchill 


A friend of mine recently gave me a book that turned out to be one of the most uplifting things I’ve read in a while.  The Go-Giver (a play on the term “go-getter”), written by Bob Burg and John David Mann, is an extraordinary narrative that brings Critical Doer philosophy to life.  The characters in this story learn that investing in those around you is not only the pathway for individual success, but fulfillment as well.

The story revolves around a character named Joe who is the personification of a go-getter.  Joe is in sales and becomes deeply conflicted when he has difficulty and then outright failure in meeting his sales goals.  In desperation, he talks to his Boss about connecting him to a consultant named Pindar who allegedly has a proven formula for success that can make all things right for Joe.

As the story unfolds, an important lesson Joe learns right from the beginning is that people and circumstances are rarely what they seem at the superficial level.  As Joe encounters a cook that turns out to be the restaurant owner and real estate mogul, a single mom who is a highly successful realtor and sought after speaker, and his own Boss who it turns out has made a fortune simply through connecting people who can help each other and subsequently provided investment opportunities for him.

One of the strengths of the book is the chapters make a prescriptive path that a reader can put into action.  In the “Five Laws” formula, Burg and Mann clearly show what Critical Doers know…a person will consistently achieve at a higher level and find fulfillment along the way through making everyone around them succeed. The laws of (1) value (2) compensation (3) influence (4) authenticity (5) receptivity clearly communicate how to remove yourself as the center of the universe and achieve more as a contributing part of everyone’s universe.

The Go-Giver is a classic that you may want to consider for gift-giving occasions and professional development of your team.  It is a good read for any age level and can be a great influence on young minds as they are figuring out how to make their mark on the world.  I read the book in one sitting and it took roughly two hours.

I encourage you to read the book and let Joe’s story pull together the philosophy we share as Critical Doers…you’ll be strengthened in learning that the values we share are indeed correct as we strive to do more and find fulfillment.  It’s what a Critical Doer would…do!


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Updated: June 21, 2015 — 12:45 pm