We’re On The Right Track

 A Critical Doer is committed to thinking and acting 

When you’re reading blogs and other sources to learn some things that will help you achieve at the level of fulfillment, I’m sure one nagging question that tugs at you just as it does me is “how do I know they’re right?”  One way is when others are also using their own words to express similar themes…and they’re carried on the blog of Sir Richard Branson, the entrepreneur that built an empire around the Virgin companies.

In a recent post on virgin.com, Craig Boyle wrote a post called “7 Ways To Increase Your Value As An Employee.”  Boyle’s article is totally on point, and there’s an important lesson in going the extra mile in today’s post to make sure you understand why the article is on point.  Take a look at the post and you’ll realize just like I did that each of the 7 ways directly corresponds either a trait of a Critical Doer or a point of philosophy that comes from the Critical Doer Creed.  In other words, to increase your value requires a commitment to both think and do.

Here are the 7 ways from Boyle’s post and how it corresponds to being a Critical Doer:

  1. Go beyond a degree. This point corresponds to “a Critical Doer is willing to lead.”
  2. Understand company goals. This point corresponds to “a Critical Doer is willing to follow.”
  3. Master digital. This point corresponds to “a Critical Doer capitalizes on opportunities to be better.”
  4. Master communication. This point corresponds to “a Critical Doer generates motion from “why” more than “what.”
  5. Enjoy yourself! This point corresponds to “I am accountable for my own fulfillment.”
  6. Manage yourself. This point corresponds to “a Critical Doer controls what is theirs to control.”
  7. Never settle. This point corresponds to “the only future we have is the one we’re willing to make for ourselves.”

As you can see, we are on the right track.  No matter which words you choose to express some time proven principles, they point you towards the idea of a self-reliant person that is a life-long learner committed to thinking and doing.  Stay the course, you are on the right track.  That’s what a Critical doer would…do!


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Updated: July 12, 2015 — 12:06 pm