Veteran’s Day Tribute

How Far Can You See? 

To the many that will be saying thanks to my fellow veterans past and present today, let me say thank you to everyone for making an effort through word or deed to acknowledge the rigor that comes with a choice to serve.

In true Critical Doer fashion, let’s take this opportunity to think through why vets are generally held in high regard and how we can profit from their example.  If you talk to a vet about their service, the most prevalent sentiments you’ll hear are a deep commitment to their organization and great pride in the fact that they succeeded despite the toughest of circumstances.

Grant it, military members don’t have the option of saying “I quit” when conditions are severe, but there’s something we can learn from them that will help us accomplish more in our everyday life…and I think applying that lesson would be considered one of the greatest gestures a vet could hope for on this special day.

Vets generally find incredible fulfillment from taking on challenges that seem impossible and with their teams find a way to work past individual barriers and succeed…together.  In no small way, that person becomes reborn when the word impossible is no longer an absolute.

Your challenge to create a culture that captures the best of what we can learn from vets.  It’s not asking what can I do to increase the happiness (comfort) of people but rather what can I do to increase the fulfillment (internal reward) of people.  A worthy challenge that provides an opportunity to redefine possible both individually and organizationally in transformational.  It’s what makes our vets special, and it can greatly increase your individual and organizational capacity for meaningful action.

To all veterans past and present, thank you for volunteering and always being there to ensure our nation remains a nation of free people that endures and prospers for all coming time.  You represent the very best of what a Critical Doer would…do!


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Updated: November 11, 2015 — 2:19 pm